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Things to do after you have bought that dream Android Phone

Getting that new android device into shape takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it.

Things to do after you have bought that dream Android Phone

There is this feeling you get when you get a new phone or maybe even a second-hand phone, one minute you’re admiring every curve in the phone, checking the camera quality, the list goes on, and next you’re panicking over how much effort you’ll have to do to set it up and configure it best to your own specification.

However, the experience doesn’t have to be so agonizing, if you just bought an Android phone like the Samsung or an HTC device, the following process will leave you with a neat, easy-to-use and a functional phone.

Step 1: Skip the Setup

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Often times, Android phone come with major wireless carrier, and chances are that the setup process is a minefield of sign-ins for services you don’t know about and couldn’t possibly need.

The only thing I think is necessary and is absolutely necessary during this process is providing you Google account credential, as this action will let you download and connect to multiple Google services.

Step 2: Wipe the Slate Clean

Wipe the Slate Clean

Get rid of all those widget and apps that are littering on your phone’s home screen and start from scratch. Many of the phones been purchased including the Samsung series comes with app and widget which I think are useless, so you can easily removing them by pinching on the home screen and you’ll get a zoomed view of all your home screen pages, from which you create a blank home screen. Finally, drag the old and cluttered home screen into the trash.

You haven’t actually deleted the app as everything is available through the app tray. From where you can now get rid of the app and widget you don’t really need.

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Step 3: Tweak Your Gmail settings

Tweak Your Gmail settings

Gmail is great mailing service, which almost everyone with access to internet use. The android version of Gmail is equally great but I think you would not like some of its default settings.

Open the Gmail app, press the phone menu button or in most android phone look for the three dots in the top right corner and hit settings. On your email address tap the inbox sound and vibrate. If you get a lot of emails I think you will wanna hit the sound and select silent just so that your phone wouldn’t constantly make a lot of noise

Next step requires you to go back to the main setting and select General Setting menu. If you’re one of those who would rather delete an e-mail than archive them, hit the Delete & Archive actions and hit show delete only. This action enables you to delete an email by swiping to the right.

Step 4: Set Photo Backups to Unlimited

Set Photo Backups to Unlimited

Recently my iPhone developed an issue and as a result, I lost a chunk of personal data, I was agonizing over this when it hit me “I activate icloud backup services” I logged into my icloud account and my picture were there.

Android phones often come with an app called Google+ Photos which automatically back up any photo or video on your phone. This app serves as a big memory save where you save your memories in form of pictures and videos.

To set the backup setting to unlimited, select the app’s setting menu, hit the auto backup submenu and set the photo size to standard. Now you can upload unlimited photos, which is saved at a resolution of 2048pixel wide which I think is good enough to view on any screen.

Step 5: Check Your Google Play Store Settings

Check Your Google Play Store Settings

After spending all that time cleaning up your home screen in Step 2; now you have to make sure new app being downloaded doesn’t mess it up again.

To do that, on your Google Play Store, hit the settings menu and uncheck the box that says “Add icon to home screen” and you might also want to disable the notification for app updates.

Step 6: Set Up Android Device Manager

Set Up Android Device Manager


Android phone comes with an app call Device Manager; this is an app that allows you to wipe, locate or lock a stolen or lost phone. To check if this feature is fully enabled, on your phones Google setting and from there go to Android Device Manager you can now decide which management feature you would like to enable.

Step 7: Get Some Apps

You’d probably want to get some new apps. Here are 50 of our favorites.

Step 8: Get a Handle on Notifications


After you have carried out all the steps listed here, you may find that some apps are just so annoying and could have the tendency to flood you with unwanted notifications.

To fix this; go to the general phone settings and go to the application section then go to the downloaded tab and then select the app you would want to hear from and uncheck the “show notifications” box.

If you did all of this then you are on your way of getting you phone to look good and also easy to use.

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