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Revealed: Five Apps for Making Movies on Mobile Devices

Five Apps for Making Movies on Mobile Devices

Five Apps for Making Movies on Mobile Devices

Have you ever tried to use your mobile phone to make a movie or video? If so, I think you would find this article really helpful.

Last year we noticed a rise in the making of short video comedy skits which most of this shorts movies if properly funded were created with top-notched movie producers, just as quite a hand full were been created through apps on mobile devices.

If these apps are carefully dug into, creative scripts writers who lack adequate funding can make movie videos and edit their work to make professional quality movies using iOS devices (iPads and iPhones) and Android tablets.

These apps can even complement the work one does with film students and give them room to be creative storytellers.

Here are the apps:

1. iMotion HD (iOS: free, upgrade available)

Using this app you can create a stop motion film. iMotion HD makes movie by coming still photos

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Movie producers can set this app to take photos at timed intervals to show elapsed time (like a kid playing or a sunset) or for stop-motion film (using action figures or puppets).

All this can be done using the free version of the app but using the full version, you can add background music and also get access to features like uploading their movies directly to YouTube.

2. PicPlayPost (iOS: free)

This app is a video editing tool that allows it users to combine videos and still images into a shared frame.

Simply with a tap of the screen the video plays simultaneously or sequentially and the still images will be placeholders in the frame. PicPlayPost is a great tool for combining pictures and then displaying.

Users can change the style of the frame and add music to play in the background. this app also serves as a great alternative to a traditional slideshow.

3. Magisto video editor and maker (Android: free)

Magisto is my personal favorite because it allows the user shoot a movie video from the app, edit video saved to their device and create a movie with this footage.

While using this app, you can choose a theme and also add music once the user has selected the still images and videos they wish to include.

Finally, the app puts the pieces together in the order it was arranged by the user and saved. Users must have an account setup before using this app.

4. iMovie (iOS)

With iMovie, you can edit video that was taken with their iPhone or iPad.

iMovie enables it users, to create feature films and trailers using the built-in themes and templates.

This app lets them add titles, transitions and background music as they apply different film techniques like slow motion and panning over still photos.

Whether the movie-maker digs deep into all of the professional quality features in iMovie or simply scratches the surface, he or she must certainly create a fantastic final product.

5. Andromedia video editor (Android: free)

With this app, it becomes easy to edit video saved to a device. A feature that makes this app incredible is that it enables you to organize clips, crop video and even apply the “Ken Burns” filming technique to still images and videos.

Moie makers can add transitions to each clip, edit audio, and record a narration using the microphone on the device.

After rendering their video, movie-makers can share it on multiple platforms.

Credits: The Punch

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