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Latest Trend in Marketing for Instagram

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Latest Trends in Marketing for Instagram: Instagram which initially started off as an app to share photos of pet and selfies has now become a tool for business communication which connects with target audience. This transformation which has  Instagram to generate more leads than Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter combined.

The year 2017 comes with new sets of challenges and with the social media changing so quickly, it has become difficult for digital marketers to stay ahead of the game. In this article, you will learn some of the latest trends in marketing for Instagram.

1. Clickable Links Finally Come to Instagram Photos

Previously, the only place you can able to add a link and get some clicks is through the link on your bio. Brands, Influencers, and small business had to be creative on how to generate sales leads and driving traffic through Instagram which is why “Link in bio” became so popular on Instagram.

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2. Influencers

When marketing for Instagram, most marketers believes that working with influencers is likely to be the next big in marketing. Influencers are users or bloggers with thousands of followers.

Most brands are doing it and have successfully driven more engagement, traffic, and sales with this technique. According to a survey by eMarketer, around 9 of 10 brands used this kind of marketing witnessed a huge rise in their web traffic and brand awareness.

3. Instagram Stories Dominates Snapchat

The major difference between Instagram and Snapchat stories has been the lack of filters, geo-filters, and stickers in Instagram Stories. but until recently Instagram launches stickers, which looked identical to the Snapchat stories. When marketing for Instagram you can now use customized stickers for the weather, location and even the current time just like on Snapchat.

4.  Increasing Ad options for brands

When marketing for Instagram, Instagram has a various option for brands and business owners wanting to advertise on the platform. but I expect these option to increase as the year progresses.

Mark Zuckerberg has said in the past that until a product reaches one billion users it isn’t a “meaningful businesses”, and that “we’re not going to try to monetize” until then. The sentiment seems to be that overly aggressive advertising makes the service less attractive to users and restricts growth.

At this point, we should begin to see more ads and advertising options available to brands.



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