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Whatsapp Two-Step Authentication Disadvantages

Whatsapp Two-Step Authentication Disadvantages: Recently Whatsapp introduced the Two-Step Authentication which is another layer of security which offers a way of authentication for your WhatsApp account using a six-digit passcode. This is aimed at preventing people from using other users phones number for WhatsApp.

Whatsapp two-step authentication disadvantages

Sounds interesting but don’t get too excited until you read the Whatsapp two-step authentication disadvantages. That is because there is a flip side to this awesome features.

Whatsapp Two-Step Authentication Disadvantages

1. Risk Of Your WhatsApp Account Getting Deleted

If you reverify your whatsapp number after 30 days of last using Whatsapp, without the passcode your account will be automatically deleted.

Although, a new account will be automatically created once you successfully reverify there is a risk on your account and all your chat history getting deleted. unless you back up regularly.

2. Danger of Losing WhatsApp Access For 7 days.

Another whatsapp two-step authentication disadvantages is that the process equires specifying an email address that cab be used to turn it off if you forget your passcode. In a situation where you forgot your passcode without specifying the backup email, you won’t be able to reverify your number on Whatsapp for a seven days period.

3. Constant Reminders To Enter Passcode

It’s a known fact that pop-ups are annoying, and with the Whatsapp Two-Step Authentication you may have to deal with the constant reminder to enter passcode rather too frequently.

This is because Whatsapp periodically ask you to enter your passcode, and there is no way to disabble this nagging reminder.

4. Potential Security Risk To Your Email ID

This is the last major Whatsapp Two-Step Authentication Disadvantages is the risk is poses to our “Email Address”. Earlier in the article i mentioned that enabling two-step verification requires you to specify a valid email address, which is used to disable the feature just incase you forgot your passcode.

Although WhatsApp claims that it won’t verify the email to confirm its accuracy, you still the run the risk of having your e-mail address exposed to security threats and possibly unwanted promotional messages.

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